Learning Dispositions Posters

A colourful way to connect to visible learning.

Kathleen Baker Brown, the assistant principal of Parap Primary School in Australia’s Northern Territory, provides us with this terrific shareable resource, the Learning Dispositions Posters.

It’s a collection of 10 posters illustrating 5 different learning dispositions that bring the Essential Fluencies and Australia’s General Capabilities together into one neat little package. Students can use, understand, and benefit from the clear language each poster is presented in, as we all can.

With these Learning Dispositions Posters you can:

  • Nurture a mindset of growth, curiosity, and interest
  • Focus on Essential Fluency and General Capabilities skills
  • Maintain clear connections between visible learning and curriculum
  • Help students take charge of their learning
  • Foster creativity, collaboration, and self-directed learning