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Essential Fluencies Posters

Five Powerful Fluencies. One Neat Little Package.

If you’ve been looking for a fast way to understand fluency skills, we’ve got just the thing. Pick up the Fluency Posters, a shareable reference tool for exploring the Fluencies and Global Digital Citizenship. These are handy posters that provide the perfect quick reference guide.

This resource presents the essentials of each Fluency in a set of posters perfect for spot references and sharing with students and colleagues. You get a poster for each of the Fluencies, and one for Global Digital Citizenship. Use them anytime you need a “Fluency refresher.” You can even have them printed for larger display purposes.

These cool posters will help you:

  • Learn the skills developed within each Fluency
  • Understand the tenets of Global Digital Citizenship
  • Share the Fluencies with students and colleagues
  • Discuss and develop crucial skill sets
  • Boost your Fluency mojo