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Bloom’s Taxonomy Periodic Table

Get in Your Element With Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Check out our Bloom’s Taxonomy Periodic Table featuring 6 different groups of “elements” that reveal fun and challenging activities corresponding to Bloom’s Taxonomy verbs. Simply mouse over each “element” to see the suggested activity pop up.

Each box presents a suggestion for an activity that you can either use as is or create your own variation of. Use it for enhancing lessons at every level of Bloom’s Taxonomy, or combine some of the activities for even more inspired learning. These can be used both as learning and as quick assessment-on-the-go activities to suit your learners’ needs.

Use your Bloom’s Periodic Table for:

  • Understanding Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy
  • Developing skills at each taxonomy level
  • Exploring useful Bloom’s activities with your learners
  • Performing quick formative assessments
  • Effective lesson enhancements
  • Expanding your Bloom’s vocabulary