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Being Global, Being Great

Be global and great, now and always.

Practicing the tenets of Global Digital Citizenship in our daily lives means learning the ways in which all humanity is connected. That’s what “being global and being great” is all about. Now you can share a daily reminder of these things with all your learners with this poster called Being Global, Being Great.

Being global and being great is all about practicing RESPECT as well as RESPONSIBILITY. In this infographic poster we explore 6 fundamental discussion questions to help you and your learners become the very best global digital citizens you can be.

With this free poster you can:

  • Discuss the ideals of global digital citizenship
  • Foster global mindsets of respect and responsibility
  • Cultivate and encourage critical thinking
  • Build a caring and compassionate student body
  • Check in with your learners every day about citizenship
  • Share the essence of global digital citizenship with others