"The Future is Now" Inquiry Unit—Year 8

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Imagination fuses with research as learners create a presentation to describe a vision of the future of our world in vivid and creative detail. They will describe everything that can be seen and done for one day in this imagined future. read more

Many of us think about what life will be like in the future. It seems as though all generations have a unique and often fantastical vision of how the world of tomorrow will look. And it's always fascinating to look back at the dreams people dreamed before us and to discover that we are living much of that future today.

The local science centre has issued a challenge to the schools in your area. It has asked student groups to participate in the researching and creative development of a project called "Visions of the Future." In this exhibit, students submit a presentation for their vision of what a day in the world of the future would be like. 

The development of the project will require the group to look into the past to analyze technology and societal development patterns. Groups will also use research on current technological innovations to create a fictional narrative vision of a day in their lives twenty years from now.

The challenge is to create a presentation using research to describe a vision of this future world in vivid and creative detail. The groups are required to reveal what they would see and do for one day in this future world. They'll use whatever tools they wish to bring the day in the future to life for others to enjoy.

The science centre has said that the best presentation will be performed for a live audience in an upcoming exposition focusing on the world of tomorrow.    

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