"Photo Power" Inquiry Unit—Year 6

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Learners get creative and conscientious as they design a brochure and concept poster about the effects of litter on the environment and their community, including strong and persuasive imagery accompanied by powerful and thought-provoking “action statements.” read more

A picture is worth a thousand words, goes the saying. In today's media, the pictures do the talking. If you look closely at advertising and news, the images are usually described with a single line or headline. Those headlines are designed to communicate the message of the picture and to draw in the viewer and make them want to know more. The words are just as powerful as the image they represent, so they must be chosen well. 

Your group specializes in "impact advertising”—imagery combined with statements crafted to provoke an emotional response in people and hopefully drive them to take action. A large environmentalist group is familiar with your work and has asked you to create a poster and brochure for their website. What they need is something that will bring awareness to the problem of litter in the local and global communities.

The poster and brochure, they explain, must showcase powerful images accompanied by equally powerful statements. Visual concepts for the artwork should define the litter problem and the importance of solving it with a few well-chosen words. They need a creative look for both pieces that will motivate people to talk about the issue and visit their website. What kinds of pictures and words will get people to take notice of the litter that's piling up in our world?

The group has asked for the pictures you use to be visually striking and to represent the adverse effects of littering. They would like the images to have the kind of words that drive people to take decisive actions against the problem. Providing things such as statistics that define littering as a growing problem and suggestions for what can be done are good ideas to work with.

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