"My World Wonder" Inquiry Unit—Year 5

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Learners share ideas on how to both preserve natural landmarks for a growing number of tourists and to protect them from further deterioration. Their plans will ultimately allow people to continue enjoying these attractions in the years to come. read more

There are countless spectacular places here on Earth to see. Many of them welcome millions of tourists and sightseers from all over the world every year. Are these beautiful places are in danger of becoming either severely damaged or altogether extinct because of this? 

It seems that more and more of Earth's natural beauty is becoming endangered for different reasons, and one of the most prominent among these is global tourism. How do you think we could achieve a balance between a tourism trade that is continually building and expanding, and the preservation of our natural landmarks?

No matter what, society will continue to expand outward. Our global population is increasing all the time, and more and more people will be visiting these landmarks and leaving things such as carbon footprints and creating physical wear-and-tear on the environment. Also, the modification of tourist or civilian transport routes areas endangers the condition of some of these great attractions. 

In this lesson, students share their ideas on how to preserve our natural landmarks. They will create solutions for accommodating a growing number of tourists to a natural world landmark in a way that protects that landmark from further deterioration. Their recommendations will allow many people to continue enjoying these attractions in the years to come. Their task is to develop a suggestion as to how such landmarks can be protected and preserved in their current natural state, while still allowing for a growing number of people to visit and enjoy these historic sites.

Research a natural landmark and find out why these locations are so valuable to our global culture. Why are they such popular tourist attractions? Collect information on the kinds of things that are threatening them, such as foot traffic or pollution. 

The teams will construct informative presentations of a landmark site describing its brief history and why it is essential, and why it's a popular tourist attraction. The submissions will also include proposed solutions for protecting and preserving them while allowing for the continuation of annual visits from tourists. 

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