"Light Painters" Inquiry Unit—Year 4

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Mathematics and creativity join forces for community service in this challenging lesson. Learners will explore the artistic world of stained glass by designing their own unique and beautiful template to replace a damaged glass window for a local church. read more

A massive storm recently struck your city and ravaged a prominent stained glass window in a historic church. Rather than build a replica of the broken window, the church council has called for artists to submit design templates for a wholly new window. The church would like each interested artist to provide a paper draft template for a unique window design. They will select one model for the window, and the artist who submits it will have the opportunity to study under a master stained glass glazier during the window’s construction.

You have a good design sense and a talent for creating geometric patterns. Why not try your hand at creating a design for a new stained glass window? The church council has specified that all design submissions be in keeping with the symmetrical, geometric style of the other windows in the church. All design submissions should exhibit two or more lines of symmetry.

To begin, you will need to know the shape and the exact measurements of the window opening to plan the dimensions of the major sections of your design. When your template is complete, you will go on to construct a full-size overlay of the stained glass window. Calculate the overall area of the window to estimate the amount of materials needed. 

Finally, you will document your research and your design process in a presentation to give before the class. The display will be your opportunity to explain the history of the art form, share your techniques and challenges, and show pictures of your finished masterpiece. If the church council chooses your design, you could study alongside a master glazier who could teach you how to paint with light!

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