"Interview With a Hero" Inquiry Unit—Year 6

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History is filled with examples of heroes, but most heroism can be found among people leading normal, everyday lives like you and I. You are going to stage a live televised interview with a local “everyday hero” who  has committed an act of bravery in the community. read more

Everybody needs a hero—they inspire us, guide us, and help us become better people. History is filled with examples of heroism, but most heroes are found among people leading everyday lives. You are going to stage an interview with an “everyday hero.”

Look at some of the occupations where bravery and quick thinking are involved—police, firefighters, paramedics, and so on. Look at the training, standard procedures in emergencies, types of everyday duties, and find stories of people in those professions who have accomplished extraordinary things. Next, consider stories of average working folks outside these professions that can still do heroic things. Use this knowledge to illustrate why we need these people in our society in a staged live-on-the-scene interview.

Your TV crew has arrived at a scene where one of these heroes has just performed a stunning act of bravery and sacrifice. Look at examples of live TV interviews where the interviewer speaks with a police officer, fireman, or EMT to get their version of the story. Your group can create a backstory of the incident, work it into the script for the interview, and assign roles to each group member, such as interviewer, camera operator, hero figure, and so on.

Structure it as though it were a live story you might see on a news channel, and bring it to exciting life by filming or recording it.

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