"iInvent" Inquiry Unit—Year 3

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Learners will be identifying an invention or gadget that is outdated or obsolete today. They must then develop a way to add an improvement or completely redesign it to work better and once again become useful to people in the present day. read more

Have you ever thought about how people lived in the past without the inventions or gadgets we use today? We develop technology to make people’s lives easier every day. Some devices are a tremendous help to people and make our lives much more manageable. These helpful inventions might include cars, computers, aeroplanes, cell phones, and televisions. There are also useful gadgets that may not be essential, but do help make people’s lives more comfortable such as robot vacuums, can openers, duct tape, lawnmowers, digital media players, and GPS. These inventions and gadgets are constantly being improved upon to keep up with competing inventors or companies. 

Your group has identified an invention or gadget that is no longer as useful to people, and its sales are declining. Your group of inventors will add an improvement or redesign it to work better and once again become useful to people. 

Your group will need to request money to afford the resources for production and identify a price for the updated product that is close in price to similar gadgets on the market. To spread the word of the newly-redesigned invention, your group must convince the public in a commercial about how this invention will make people’s lives easier and is so much better than the competition’s products. 

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