"Express Yourself" Inquiry Unit—Year 1

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In this unit, young children explore their sense of identity through a well-being focus and express the wonder of being themselves, through a deep dive into Creativity Fluency. read more

We are all special and unique people. Some things about us are the same, while others are different. This can include our personalities, our cultures, our families, our favourite things, our strengths and abilities and the way we look. In this unit, you are going to explore all the fantastic things that make you unique. You will share your stories, thoughts and ideas with your class, and find out what things you share, and what things are different.

Your challenge is to come up with a creative idea that best expresses who you are. What are the most significant bits of you, and how will you share these things with others?

You will come up with great ideas as you use your imagination and creativity to decide how best to express yourself. When you have your plan, you can then let loose and share it with the world.

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Pages: 25 full colour

Language: English

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