Case Study: Tournament of Minds—Parap PS

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Lisa Doyle of Parap Primary School knows that learning is an authentic lifelong journey, not just an end-of-the-semester destination. With the help of Solution Fluency, Lisa showed her students their gifts and the paths they could put them on in a whole new light by letting them take the lead. read more

Learning is an authentic lifelong process, one that happens in the moment. It’s not a destination or an end-of-semester grade. It’s a journey both for living and for life, and Lisa Doyle, a special education teacher at Parap Primary School, knew just how important it was for her gifted learners to gain this awareness for their own well-being and success.

“Some of my gifted students carried a burdened sense of I am gifted, what does that mean,” Lisa says. “Anxiety crept into much of their daily lives. Some of the kids used to say that giftedness was their curse.”

With the help of Solution Fluency and a special program focusing on letting participants express their unique talents in the best possible ways, Lisa showed her students how to see their gifts and the paths they could lead them on in a whole new light.

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