Case Study: Symbolism Study—Melrose HS

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Nurturing a student’s imagination and creativity is how meaningful learning happens. This is what the work of Anna Russell, a Visual Arts teacher at Canberra’s Melrose High School, is focused on. Using Solution Fluency as a roadmap, Anna’s students embarked on an exploration of visual communication resulting in some of the most insightful projects they’ve created yet. read more

Teachers love stretching their students’ imaginations in ways they know kids will respond to. That’s how the most meaningful connections are made in learning, and how students can take ownership of what they’re taught in school. Anna Russell, a Visual Arts teacher at Canberra’s Melrose High School, knows this well. Her creative field allows her students to shine in ways they never thought possible.

For this reason, the idea to incorporate the 6Ds of Solution Fluency into her teaching was well considered beforehand. “I was aware that I needed to enhance my pedagogy to meet the changes required for teaching in a digital age,” says Anna. Giving her students an inspiring challenge in which they could incorporate Solution Fluency was the first step.

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