Case Study: Obesity Fighters—Newport Gardens PS

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The students of Newport Gardens Primary School are eager to make a positive impact in both their school and their whole community. Read about Newport’s young fitness avengers and their exploits in this inspiring case study. read more

At Newport Gardens Primary School in Victoria, Australia, the processes of the Essential Fluencies are a big part of the teaching and learning landscape. Many of the Newport Gardens teachers have had great success with using the Fluencies as their framework for creating meaningful project-based learning for students. Theodora McGlade is certainly no exception.

“The Fluencies were identified by our principal as a way that students could take ownership of their learning, think deeply about critical and relevant world questions, and take action that is meaningful to them,” Theodora claims.

These are exactly the kinds of qualities that Theodora and her teaching partner Michael would see their students demonstrate as they faced an interesting and challenging prospect. They were to apply Solution Fluency to the idea of promoting a healthier lifestyle to their peers in school, and eventually to their whole community.

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