Case Study: Exploring Narrative Empathy—Father Michael McGivney

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The students of Father Michael McGivney Catholic Academy in Markham, Ontario are a terrific example of how Solution Fluency connects students to deeper learning and higher creativity. Here’s the story of how they used the 6Ds to take their narrative empathy projects to new heights. read more

Solution Fluency was intended for the best inquiry- and project-based learning a teacher can provide. The stellar work of the students of Father Michael McGivney Catholic Academy in Markham, Ontario is a fine example of this. The students already knew Solution Fluency since it has been the guiding curriculum goal in their school for the last few years.

McGivney English teacher Alexandra Parlagreco, along with Cynthia Anniballi, head of the English department, both had a vision of using Solution Fluency to teach students about a very important and challenging literary device called ‘narrative empathy.’

“When it comes to any inquiry, students should have freedom to explore a topic in whatever scope or facet the inquiry takes them,” Alexandra asserts. That level of freedom is what would make her students’ projects so successful and so meaningful.

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