Case Study: Dance in Advertising—Melrose HS

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Discover how the dance students of Melrose High School applied their craft to Fluency-focused projects that combine dance in some creative advertising for products of their own design. read more

Kurt Vonnegut famously said that in teaching “the medium is the human mind and spirit.” If that’s true, then hats off to Lucy Sedlacek, a Year 10 advisor and dance teacher at Melrose High School. Every day she creates inspiring and meaningful projects for her learners that are the ultimate expression of mind and spirit, using the remarkable language of dance.

Ever since the Essential Fluencies were introduced to Melrose School, Lucy has used them in her teaching practices. One of her recent Fluency projects involves dance in advertising. “Lately, dance has been increasingly popular in advertising for a number of different products,” Lucy says. The project, called Dance in Advertising, challenged her learners to create their own original advertisement incorporating dance movement to sell their product.

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