"Atomic Rock" Inquiry Unit—Year 6

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Science unites with music in this lesson! Students will be combining scientific research with their love of music to instruct younger students on the properties of matter using creative and entertaining original songs. read more

Matter is all around us in various forms. Solids, liquids, and gases exist together to create the essence of our great planet. It’s important to remember that the structure of matter goes deeper than the surface of what we see. Within that structure are worlds as vast and active as our own, and the naked eye can’t even see them! What do we know of these worlds, and what do we know about how they look? How do they interact with each other to form new states of being?

Science unites with music in this fun and challenging lesson that engages students in teaching and learning about elements, molecules, compounds, and atoms. They will do this by using original songs as their teaching method. They will combine scientific research with their love of music to instruct younger students on the properties of matter in creative and entertaining original songs.

A local TV network that hosts a popular children’s show has approached schools with a unique challenge. The network wants science classes in your grade to work together to create a musical segment for its show. The songs it is looking for must be entertaining, but at the same time, they need to provide an informative science lesson for children about the properties of matter. The best song will be performed live and recorded for the show with an exclusive audience of children in attendance.

So, the question is, how would your class use research and inquiry to teach a subject like this to children in a fun, musical way that makes the knowledge stick in their minds?

Your class is going to divide into four different musical groups—The Atoms, The Molecules, The Elements, and The Compounds. Each group will do scientific research into the characteristics of its matter property and how it relates to the other three. Then, each musical group will write a song designed to teach children about its matter property on the new show that is being developed.

The songs should be anywhere from two to three minutes long and focus on a balance between instructional and entertainment value. You can perform your song with or without instruments as an accompaniment to an instructional slide show, a keynote, or an animated cartoon. You can also render your song digitally using a program like GarageBand on the iPhone or iPad.

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