"A Gathering of Gratitude" Inquiry Unit—Year 4

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Learners will be researching different cultures from around the world and learning how they celebrate being thankful. Using the knowledge they gain from their research, they will create a unique community celebration showing an appreciation for their community's leaders and their day-to-day efforts.  read more

The various cultures of the world have different ways to celebrate thankfulness. The Yam Festival in Nigeria is to give thanks and prayers for an abundant crop. The Jewish people have Sukkot to celebrate their culture and the blessings in their lives. We have our traditional Thanksgiving in the West. The fact is that we all have things to be thankful for.

Take a moment and think about the people who work to make the community healthy through the services they provide to its economy. These are the people who offer essential businesses and services like store and restaurant owners, doctors, teachers, police officers, and more. Where would our community be without them and their dedication to our thriving businesses and services? These can be challenging and often stressful jobs. The problem is that sometimes we take them for granted. These are the people who serve us, protect us, and enable us to become better people. If you had one day to create a celebration to show these people how much you and your community appreciate them, what would you do?

Research different cultures from around the world and learn how they celebrate being thankful. Choose 2 or 3 different cultures and collect information on how they celebrate their thanks. Then with this knowledge, create a unique one-day community event showing an appreciation for your community leaders and their day-to-day efforts. You'll also get to make a flyer and poster to advertise the celebration, along with a short written advertisement for the local paper. 

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