"Our Place" Inquiry Unit—Year 2

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Students examine how places in Australia have special meaning for others and combine this with research about places that are special to themselves to create a presentation that celebrates people, nature, and places over the changing seasons.  read more

Places are important to us for different reasons. Stories are also important, fun to read and are a great way to learn about different people and different places. This unit has learners spending some time investigating how different people around Australia, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, use their knowledge of science to meet their needs, including how they understand their environment and know how to get the things that they need. You will share some stories about your interactions with your unique places, and you will interview a range of people in your local area to get their stories and ideas. 

In this challenge, your class will create a presentation that celebrates how you interact with people, nature, and your unique places over the changing seasons of the year. You will need to include everyone's perspective, and you'll have some new skills to learn when it comes to stop-motion video. 

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Pages: 31 full colour

Language: English

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