"Lead On" Inquiry Unit—Year 6

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Students develop a panel discussion involving a famous actor or singer on the subject of what makes a good leader. They will create personas for each character by developing thought-provoking questions and answers, and use them to write a real script. read more

You are a famous actor/singer who is known for doing a lot of charity work all over the world, and people have come to admire your values and beliefs that helping people and setting an excellent example for others is essential. You’ve recently been asked to do an interview on a popular radio show. The topic is, “What makes a good leader?”

Together with some classmates, you’ll create an interview scenario. One of you will play the star and the others will play a panel of interviewers. Have fun creating unique character profiles and traits for each role. Design a dynamic and thought-provoking line of questioning for the interviewed star about what it means to be a leader with some thoughtful answers for each question and turn it into a working script.

Each group’s script should include examples of some of the interviewed celebrity’s favourite leaders from history. These should consist of people whom he or she feels have done great things and helped people, or tried somehow to make the world a better place. Your group will incorporate three examples of such leaders into the interview script. In the scenario, you must give the leaders’ names, occupations, and what they have accomplished that is consistent with the theme of the interview.

Rehearse your scenario and perform it as a recorded podcast, a filmed live interview, or as an acted scene. 

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