"Get What You Give" Inquiry Unit—Year 7

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Get into the spirit of giving and get some hands-on experience with how micro-lending sites work to give financial opportunities to struggling families on a global scale. At the same time, you'll learn about life in different parts of the world. read more

Today’s technology makes helping people more accessible than ever. We have innovative online services to help people lead better lives and to combat poverty, and micro-lending is such a service. With small donations, resources are pooled by partners all over the world to bring struggling families financial opportunities they wouldn't typically have. The family then works to pay the loan back, and the money is then distributed elsewhere. Many families in underprivileged regions desperately need financial assistance. How can you use a service such as micro-lending to do your part for these families?

Form into groups and visit Kiva.org, a leader in the micro-lending industry. Once you're familiar with how it works, you'll create a group account and begin looking for someone you can help. Find out where in the world this person lives and familiarize yourselves with their region and its physical and economic characteristics. Create a compelling original presentation about this individual and where they live. Use what you learned about them on Kiva and also the research you've done on where they live, and describe in detail why your group wants to sponsor them.

Next, to raise the money, you will need a terrific idea for fundraising. What does your group want to do to raise funds for your Kiva account? Come up with an idea for your fundraiser, plan it out in detail, and put it into action to raise money. All the money you collect will go to helping your Kiva family. You'll also be monitoring your account after you lend the money. When it's paid back, you can decide to lend it again to a different person or withdraw it and donate it elsewhere. 

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