"Everyone Belongs" Inquiry Unit—Year K

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In a rich integration of the English and HASS learning areas, students will develop oral language skills as they explore and share accounts of their personal worlds, including their personal and family histories and the places or groups they and their families live in and belong to. read more

Many new students and families are arriving at our school each year. For some of them, it is their first time at ‘big school’, and they need some help to feel happy and safe here.

You are going to think of all of the possible ways that you could make someone feel welcome, in our classroom and at our school. Sometimes you can feel as though you are all on your own, different to everyone else, and no one understands you. Draw pictures to show your ideas about how our school is a place where everyone belongs. Think of all the things that make you different from everyone else, and all the things that are the same. What makes you unique? What things do you like to do with others? Thinking about all of your special things, you are going to create the story of you.

Getting to know each other well means that we can understand each other better and become good friends who look after each other. Stories are fun to read and are also a great way to learn about different people and different places. We are going to share our own stories, and then create a story about our classroom together. 

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Pages: 29 full colour

Language: English

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