"Design Star" Inquiry Unit—Year 7

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Students use their mathematical prowess to plan the remodelling of a selected space such as a classroom, a bedroom, or a common room. They are required to build scale-model dioramas of the selected space and capture the design process on film or with images. read more

Interior design is an industry for which mathematical precision dictates a project’s success. A successful designer is one who has an innate sense of style and a solid mathematical foundation. Could you succeed in the design industry? There is a great way to find out.

Students plan a remodel of a selected space such as a classroom, a bedroom, or even a common room. They’ll build scale-model dioramas of the chosen space and capture the design process on film or with images. They must write equations to calculate the precise placements of the objects they wish to incorporate, and to find the proportional lengths, widths, and heights for the dioramas. They will need to calculate the required quantities of any paint, wood, etc. the remodel would require, and give an informed estimate of what the real-world project would cost.

Working in teams, research and plan the new design and build a diorama that presents the major lengths, widths, and heights of the space to scale. You must write equations to construct the diorama and to plan all design elements, and record them in a mathematical narrative. You will also calculate the cost of materials that would be required to execute the real-world remodel. Learners will also create an artful presentation that captures the design process along with “before” shots of the space and “after” shots of the scale model.

You are encouraged to view HGTV and Style network design shows for inspiration on how to film your remodel. Remember that these shows also have websites that offer interior design advice, as do a plethora of library books. So where do you begin? Can you think of a space in need of transformation? 

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