"Cultural Food Fair" Inquiry Unit—Year 6

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Students will have an opportunity to learn about different cultures and managing profits as they collaborate on a cultural food fair. They’ll study cultures and prepare unique culinary dishes from different ethnic groups. They also will learn resource management, money-handling, safe food preparation and storage, and customer service skills. read more

Our world has many diverse and vibrant cultures, each with something unique to offer. There’s one love that we all share, though, and that’s the love of different foods. Many restaurateurs have brought the unique flavours of their homeland to different parts of the world to share with other cultures. As a result, our willingness to open our minds to different taste experiences has led to the starting of many very successful business ventures. 

You are about to embark on a journey where you will learn about many different cultures. Not only will you be experiencing the wonder of different cultural foods, but you will also learn about proper money management, profit, and pricing. You’ll learn the art of customer service and the act of working toward a charitable purpose. You will get a hands-on cooking experience, too. Your class is going to hold a cultural food fair to raise money for a charity of your choice. Be sure to advertise this to the school and parents well in advance of the actual day. 

Set up a system where people can confirm that they will be attending. For example, if the class creates an invite on Facebook, you can easily keep track of the number of people who will be attending by requesting confirmations. Your group will choose a specific culture to represent and a choice of two to three dishes native to that culture. You will be required to research this culture and some of the foods and recipes that they prepare for special events and celebrations. 

Create a shopping list and purchase all the items required to make these dishes. Base your listing on the approximate number of people who will be attending, assuming that there will be one serving per person. Be sure to keep the receipt for your groceries; you will need this to calculate cost against profit later. Decide on a place where you will gather to do the cooking and spend a fun evening creating your fancy dishes. Invite parents to come along to have some fun and help your team out. 

On the day of the food fair, create and decorate a kiosk to sell your food. Be sure to make it one that will attract customers. You must set fair and reasonable prices for your dishes and keep an accurate record of the money you take in. Compare it to your cost receipt at the end of the event to calculate your overall profit. Ensure you are practising proper health etiquette when storing, handling, and serving food. Remember, it’s not just about making money; you are handling food and serving the public, as well as experiencing other cultures. 

Be the ambassadors of the world you know you can be. And remember you are doing it for a good cause because all proceeds from sales go to your class’s chosen charity.

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