"Citizenship Day" Inquiry Unit—Year 3

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Learners learn digital citizenship skills while they create unique class participation games that teach people about digital citizenship, and invite students, teachers, and even parents to play them and learn about digital citizenship in a class games day. read more

Today it’s so much easier for us to stay connected to friends and family, thanks to social media. Social networking is faster and more convenient than being face-to-face. The problem is that, in many of these digital environments, we are unknown to each other. Because of this, many think it's okay to bully and threaten others when they don't have to reveal who they are. Sometimes viewers will even put cruel comments on videos or even on people's blogs. This can cause fear, depression, or worse.

You and your classmates must work together to create awareness about treating others with decency in the online world, and in ways that would be fun and entertaining. Research the practices of good digital citizenship, and create your own unique class participation games that teach people about digital citizenship. Next, you'll be inviting other students and teachers (and even parents) to play and learn about digital citizenship in a class activity day. Use the kinds of games you like to play or games you've seen on TV for ideas.

Each group will create a unique game designed to teach the ideas of digital citizenship in a fun and creative way. You can create these games using standard art materials, or you can incorporate the use of digital technology like cellphones or tablets into the games. This would be useful in question and answer games, for example, when a question requires responses made using Twitter, or in word games using an iPad app. Once the teacher has approved the games, the class will set up an activity day where students, teachers, and parents get to play the games and learn all about how to be good digital citizens. 

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