"Champions of Earth" Inquiry Unit—Year 6

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What are the most pressing problems threatening our world’s environment and how do we address them? In Champions of Earth, learners take on the roles of scientists, visionaries, and avengers in this unit that encourages them to think about what it takes to make a better world. read more

Our one and only Earth is a marvel. Even though it is entirely self-renewing, it exists in our life as a precious and fragile world that needs our care and attention. As our world’s population grows, so do things like pollution, resource consumption, deforestation, the presence of global warming, and more. What are the most significant environmental problems we face today, and what can we do to solve them?

You and your team are head of an environmental activist group that has developed some innovative ideas for fixing the problems facing our environment's health. The United Nations has asked you to share your thoughts in an assembly featuring world representatives committed to stopping or reversing much of the threat to our environment caused by humanity.

They are looking for a persuasive and engaging presentation that explains the following things:

  1. What is the most pressing problem damaging our environment?
  2. Why is it harmful to the health of the planet and its populace?
  3. How do you propose to eliminate this problem with everyone working together?

The presentation you give must be well-researched and written and designed using your team's best creative efforts. What kind of imaginative and informative presentation can you offer to convince these world leaders to rally behind your ideas and work together to become Champions of Earth?

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Language: English

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