"I Speak for the Trees" Inquiry Unit—Year 3

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Learners will examine the use of paper in their school and community, and devise methods of conservation which they showcase in a persuasive presentation to the students, teachers, and parents during Earth Day. read more

Trees produce oxygen for humans to breathe, food for them to eat, materials for them to build with, and leaves to shade them on a warm, summer day. As useful as trees are for humans, they are also quickly taken for granted. Human action must be taken to reduce the number of trees destroyed for human use. 

It's estimated that every minute over 100 trees are chopped down in the world. One of the biggest industries that require tree wood is the paper industry. It takes about ½ a tree to produce one ream of copier paper. The Amazon rainforest is estimated to contain over 7.5 trillion trees and produces 20% of the Earth's oxygen. If the current level of deforestation continues, the rainforest could be extinct in about 40 years.

You and a group of students want to explore green initiatives at your school to decrease the amount of paper used in the school. Your principal is interested in hearing some of your ideas. The group must be willing to present their ideas persuasively to the students, teachers, and parents of your school. Your group must research the benefits of using less paper, and some of the actions students can take to help decrease the use of paper. 

If the group provides thorough research and well-supported reasons to decrease paper usage, the principal will allow you to present your findings to the students, teachers, and parents of your school at a special Earth Day event.

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