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How Is Technology Changing the Modern Classroom? [Infographic]

A quick look at how the modern classroom continuously change.

Welcome to the modern classroom. We've come a long way since the mid-90s.

Remember that fateful morning? We woke up and suddenly discovered the World Wide Web.

Barriers were broken down. Communication became instantaneous. Teaching and learning changed forever.

Fast forward almost 20 years. Technology continues to transform the modern classroom today. It's called the modern classroom because of technology.

Mobile devices have created a whole new edtech culture.

Learning happens anytime, anywhere, on demand. 

We've adopted new teaching strategies, too. Blended and flipped learning are major tools in schools today. It's remarkable to look back on what was and see what is. It shows you just how fast things are changing. Teachers have done an amazing job keeping pace.

But where is it all leading? E-Learning Infographics has an answer.

A Few Modern Classroom Stats

Here's what they're saying. As of 2009, the National Center for Education Statistics says that:

  • 97% of teachers have at least one computer in the classroom
  • 93% of computers  in the modern classroom have Internet access
  • the student to computer ratio in schools is 5.3 to 1

The outcomes of using this technology remain generally positive. There will always be considerations to make. Adopting technology takes patience and planning. Any modern classroom willing to take the tech plunge is willing to do the right homework.

Let this infographic be a guide and a crystal ball. How do you see technology's role in shaping the modern classroom in the future?

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