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5 Smart Online Parent-Teacher Communication Tools for Keeping Connected

Make communication a breeze with these online platforms. 

Optimizing parent-teacher communication strategy is much easier with the right tools. With so many options, it's hard for teachers to make a choice. The five below are some of the best. Hopefully, this quick and simple list makes it a bit easier.

  1. Classloom: Classloom is a free social networking platform for helping parent-teacher communication be its best. Parents and teachers can easily share news and information with each other with Classloom. You can adopt classroom-specific groups for sharing updates, homework, pictures and documents, and more. It's a perfect solution to the hassle of sending written materials between parents and teachers.
  2. Join Our Class: This is a personalized parent-teacher communication portal for moms and ads on the move. It offers a simple dashboard for viewing news, announcements, blog posts, birthdays, and photos all in one place. Parents, teachers, school groups, and administrators alike all love using Join Our Class because it puts everything in one organized and easily accessible interface. That means no multiple log-ins or jumping between systems.
  3. Class Messenger: Class Messenger puts (as they say on their website) parents, teachers, and students in sync. It's as quick as text and more private than most social networking platforms. You can send out individual or group messages across a variety of different categories. Class Messenger is simplicity itself.
  4. ClassDojo: Still going strong since 2011, ClassDojo remains one of the most popular tools for parent-teacher communication. It's a classroom management domain that helps teachers encourage specific classroom student behaviours using real-time feedback through Web and mobile. ClassDojo generates behaviour reports that can be shared between teachers, parents, and students. These include hard work, persistence, teamwork, creativity, curiosity, and more. Share photos and videos, use instant messaging and translate in up to 35 different languages.
  5. Edmodo: Edmodo is another mainstay in the arena of online parent-teacher communication. It's still one of the best paperless classroom management tools available to teachers. Edmodo is a safe and easy way for teachers and parents to engage for free. Among many other features, you can create parent accounts and send out weekly newsletters, or connect with them directly.