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9 Terrific Pinterest Classroom Ideas for Teachers and Students to Use

Pinterest is a great educational tool for teachers, homeschool parents, and other educators around the world. 

The image-based social Pinterest isn't just for making pretty digital tack boards filled with DIY projects and delicious food recipes. Pinterest is a great educational tool for teachers, homeschool parents, and other educators around the world. And the best thing is, it's free. Here we feature 9 great Pinterest classroom ideas that will engage and entertain both teachers and students alike.

With links to virtually millions of ideas, Pinterest offers a wealth of great information and learning ideas for almost any educational environment. Everything is keyword searchable and Pinterest "pins" can be commented on and liked, similar to Facebook.

9 Awesome Pinterest Classroom Ideas and Activities

Get to Know Your Students

Have each student create their own board, pinning things they like and things that describe them. Then, review the boards in class, preferably on a Smart Board. It's a great way for not only a teacher to learn about his or her new students, but for students to learn about each other as well. And don't forget to make a board for yourself so your students know a little about you too!

Have Your Students Find Project Ideas 

You don't have to be the one creating all the lesson plans. Let your students get involved and help plan their own projects. Have students find interesting projects on Pinterest that relate to the topics they're currently learning about.

Go on a Virtual Field Trip 

Don't have the time or money for an elaborate field trip? Then take a virtual tour via Pinterest! Create a board about a specific location and pin photos of the location, food, history, people, and culture for your students to take a digital field trip. Throughout the year, your students can travel the world!

Peer to Peer Critique

Have students post their work on a class pinboard for their peers to give constructive critiques.

Group Project Research

Pinterest is great for students who are working on group projects. They can craft a board specifically for their project and pin all their research material to the board, making it easy to access from home, school, or the library.

Pinterest Classroom Ideas to Help You Succeed as an Educator

Get Design Ideas for Your Classroom

Pinterest is full of inspiring images from other teachers sharing their classroom setups. These photos link to helpful tips to create an organized and clutter free room.

Find New Project Ideas

There are literally thousands of pins every day with project ideas for students, ranging in age from infant through adult. These ideas come from other teachers, homeschooling parents, and other contributors from around the world.

Get Access to Tons of Free Printables

From games to lesson plans to clip art, Pinterest is loaded with links to free printables from around the Internet.

Learn New Things from Free Tutorials

Need a quick refresher course or a how-to video about a new technology? Pinterest has tons of boards with tutorial pins in virtually every subject.

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