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8 Excellent Educational Youtube Channels for Today's Teachers

Which educational YouTube channels do you think our community should know about?

Educational YouTube channels are built to offer modern educators tons of resources and ideas for spicing up their teaching. So many brilliant minds have given their time and energy to build some superb channels, and now we're bringing you 8 of our favourites. Which educational YouTube channels do you think our community should know about? Share them below.


It's hard to beat TedEd for the best educational YouTube channels to frequent. Everything from lesson ideas to professional development opportunities and more can be found here. Characterized by its incredible animation style, the stunning videos on TedEd currently have over 6 million subscribers and counting.

Common Sense Education

Common Sense Media have long been advocates of digital citizenship. They have a YouTube channel devoted entirely to providing the best digital tips and tools for modern educators.


If you've visited Edutopia's website often, you know it's a gold mine of information for today's teachers. Their YouTube channel is no different.

Big Think

Big Think is a leading source of expert-driven and actionable educational content. Explore thousands of videos featuring experts discussing topics aimed at getting us to think differently about the big ideas and core skills that define knowledge in the 21st century.

Khan Academy

You can learn anything on Khan Academy's YouTube channel. As most know, all Khan Academy content is 100% free, and you can donate to them here.

National Geographic

If you saw issues of this amazing and timeless publication in your home growing up, then you know just how strong National Geographic has been going. Their own educational YouTube channels feature content-specific videos on Nat Geo Wild and the super-popular National Geographic Kids.

Expert Village

Expert Village is a cool channel for the STEM crowd. On this channel you can explore and view tutorials on most everything—literally most everything. It's one of the best watch/learn/do channels YouTube has to offer. Alternatively, teachers who enjoy quirky and hilarious educational videos also often enjoy what Buzzfeed has to offer.

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