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The Best Web Resources for Makerspace Project Ideas

From primary to senior grades makerspaces drive innovation, creativity, and critical thinking.

Makerspaces are becoming a big deal for schools all over the world. In these unique areas, student ingenuity takes the lead. From primary to senior grades makerspaces drive innovation, creativity, and critical thinking. Since their popularity is increasing, you can source project ideas from lots of educators and entrepreneurs who have had success with them.

If you're new to the idea, this video gives a simple description of what makerspaces are. The key ideas behind them are geared toward creativity and problem-solving. This is why they're on the rise in education (and why shop class isn't just for the big kids anymore).

Whether you're new to the idea or not, makerspaces are an education trend that can't be ignored. However, these student-centered learning platforms can start anywhere and anytime. No matter your space capacity or tech levels, it can happen easily for your learners. Begin by exploring these resources offering tons of engaging project ideas.

7 Sources of Cool Makerspace Project Ideas

  1. Makezine: Makezine is a website devoted to the makerspace movement. Get news, project ideas, guides, and kits to begin building your own.
  2. This link features 60+ makerspace project ideas of every level, from simple to complex. Additionally, you can download a free PDF listing 100 suggested materials and supplies for your makerspace.
  3. Edutopia: This is Edutopia's extensive list of projects and resources. It's a gold mine of information for makerspace enthusiasts of every level.
  4. Renovated Learning: Here are 4 makerspace project ideas for when you're on a strict budget. Also, be sure to check out their resources for further learning.
  5. Beginning with makerspaces can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be with these 9 ideas for beginners. Most use traditional materials to challenge and inspire learning, so they're perfect for first projects.
  6. Colleen Graves: Colleen is a high school librarian, a Certified Google Educator, and a Google Education Trainer. This is her own treasure trove of project ideas and resources for makerspaces.
  7. Getting Smart: Here are 16 makerspace project ideas from teachers who've tested them.