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60+ Free Edtech Tools for 4-Core and More

You've got tools for your core subjects here, plus technology. 

There are more free edtech tools out there than you can shake a yardstick at. Innovative minds are at work everywhere in education. As often as they can, teachers try to reap the benefits of this. What helps is making sure they have lists like this within their grasp.

In keeping with that, here's a list of more than 60 free edtech tools to explore. You may be using some of these already in your subject area. If not, give them a look. There's some really good stuff here for you and your students.

60+ Cool Free Edtech Tools for You

These have been broken down into a few different categories. You've got tools for your core subjects here, plus technology. We've also got some free edtech tools that explore classroom management options.

Math Tools

  1. Desmos: This is a cool graphing calculator that comes with a whole bank of classroom activities. You can check them out here.
  2. Geogebra: Geogebra is dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education. It brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one slick package.
  3. Illuminations: An exceptional resource bank for teaching math skills. Find the most relevant resources quickly and easily with this downloadable guide for navigating the website.
  4. Numbernut: This site offers an introduction to mathematics through a variety of topics. The interactive lessons can be enjoyed by all grade levels.
  5. ThatQuiz: This site offers math quizzes that are adjustable by number of questions, difficulty, and feedback.
  6. RealWorldMath: Real World Math is a collection of free practical math activities for Google Earth, designed for students and educators.
  7. Wolfram Demonstrations: This is a virtual resource bank that provides almost 3,000 interactive demonstrations on mathematics of all sorts.
  8. YummyMath: Yummy Math gives teachers an easy way to explore math in contexts that are familiar and interesting to students.
  9. NLVM (National Library of Virtual Manipulatives): NLVM is a library of interactive web-based virtual concept tutorials for K–12 mathematics instruction. Most are in the form of Java applets.
  10. Learn Your Tables: Learn Your Tables is a great site for students to use to learn and develop their multiplication skills.
  11. TenMarks: TenMarks by Amazon provides educators with an online forum where they can assign mathematics practice problems. They can also track their students' progress through this site.
  12. Conceptua Math: A source bank of engaging and challenging virtual online math lessons. You can join as either a teacher or a student for a personalized experience.

Language Arts Tools

  1. VocabAhead: Learn vocabulary words from Grades 6-12, SAT, GRE or ACT using this free system for free. Watch videos, take quizzes, play crossword puzzles, create your own word lists. You can even share and import lists from others.
  2. BookFLIX: BookFlix is a new online literacy resource. It combines classic video storybooks with related nonfiction eBooks from Scholastic to build a love of reading and learning.
  3. TagGalaxy: This is a visually appealing way to learn word relationships. Type in a tag word, hit Go, and watch your tags float onto the screen. It's beautifully interactive learning.
  4. Visual Thesaurus: Visual Thesaurus is an interactive dictionary and thesaurus. It creates word maps that blossom with meanings and branch to related words.
  5. Visuwords: Visuwords is an online graphical dictionary. Look up words to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts. Your search will produce a diagram that illustrates how words associate with each other.
  6. English Sentence Machine: This is an entertaining cross between Mad-Lib and a random sentence generator. It's super-fun to use an learn with.
  7. Free Rice Grammar: This unique grammar site gives something back in the course of learning.  For every right answer, they will donate rice to the World Food Program.
  8. KnightCite: KnightCite is an online citation creation service provided by the Hekman Library of Calvin College. It's a top-notch bibliography generator.
  9. Project Gutenberg: Project Gutenberg was the first provider of free electronic books. It remains one of the best free ebook sites out there.

Science Tools

    1. Wonderopolis: This is an incredibly fun and information-rich site. Each day, Wonderopolis poses an intriguing question and lets you explore it in a variety of interactive ways.
    2. Learn.Genetics: This is an internationally-recognized program that translates science and health for us non-experts. Besides genetics, they feature life science, health, and other scientific fields.
    3. Chemicool: Who says chemistry can't be even more fun than it already is? Check out this neat and informative interactive periodic table.
    4. PhET: These are interactive physics simulations hosted by the University of Colorado Boulder. They are viewable in tons of different languages.
    5. CELLSAlive!: CELLSAlive! is the tireless work of scientist and author Jim Sullivan. Since 1994 he has been maintaining this resource for teachers and students to explore.
    6. Periodic Videos: This is another interactive periodic table that explores the elements using video lessons. Click on any element and its related content comes up.
    7. NASA Solar System Exploration: Explore the solar system at your own pace with this series of interactive features. Find out what's unique about the planets, comets and asteroids in our solar system.
    8. Stellarium: Stellarium is a free open-source planetarium for your computer that shows a realistic sky in 3D. It's available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.
    9. Visible Body: Visible Body's 3D anatomical models are beautiful and richly detailed. They have apps for learning about anatomy and micro-anatomy, physiological processes, and pathologies.

Social Studies/History Tools

      1. Newsela: This is an educational literacy and current events site. You can explore it as either a student or a teacher.
      2. Museum Box: Museum Box is a tool for students to build a project focusing on an event, person or historical period by placing items in a virtual box.
      3. History Animated: History Animated is just like it sounds. It provides detailed animations of key battles of the American Civil War, Revolutionary War, and World War II.
      4. On This Day: This fun tool showcases daily historical facts and events. You can also see famous birthdays, world history, music history, and a quote of the day.
      5. National Archives Museum: This site invites you to explore famous historical events. Records are preserved for researching any historical topic that interests learners.
      6. TeachingHistory: is designed to help K–12 history teachers access resources and materials to improve U.S. history education in the classroom.
      7. Google LIFE Archive: This is a resource bank for obscure and intriguing historical images. It has millions of photographs from the LIFE photo archive from the 1750s to present day. Most of these were never used and are now available for the first time.
      8. MapMaker Interactive: This is a highly customizable mapmaking tool. Explore information about countries and territories around the world, and see Earth coordinates from any location. Use markers, colours, lines, or shapes to tell your story on MapMaker by adding in text, photos, and videos with the rich editing tool.
      9. This is a website for online history videos and documentaries. Started in 2010, it's a free-to-use resource for students, teachers, and lifelong learners.
      10. The Bradshaw Foundation: The Bradshaw Foundation provides an online learning resource. Its main areas of focus are archaeology, anthropology and genetic research.

Technology Tools

      1. Screencast-O-Matic: This is a fast free app for making good quality screen recordings for all kinds of school projects.
      2. Mobirise: Mobirise is an offline app for Window and Mac for easily creating small/medium websites. You can produce landing pages, online resumes, portfolios, and promo sites for anything you wish.
      3. Slides is for creating, presenting and sharing slide decks. There's nothing to download, either—it works right in your browser.
      4. Explee: Explee is a tool for creating animated video presentations. Check out their whiteboard animation tutorials and see how simple it is to create compelling media.
      5. Turntool: Turntool renders remarkable 3D imagery. You install the free Turn Toolbox to get started, and can upgrade to premium features later on.
      6. Padlet: Padlet is a collaborative bulletin board tool that's easy to use and fun to share. With Padlet you can add images, links, videos, and more.
      7. Alice: Alice is educational software that uses a 3D environment to teach kids computer programming.
      8. Interactive Sites for Education: This site features a bank of interactive lessons on plenty of subjects. There's 4-core instruction plus subjects like typing, art, music, and more. Teacher tools are featured here as well.
      9. Ghost: A simple, elegant, bare-bones blogging platform. It's got features that every intuitive blogger needs, be they a beginner or a pro.
      10. Flipsnack: Flip snack lets you publish online magazines. It transforms your pdfs into online flip books.
      11. Cyberwise: Cyberwise is packed with free videos, ebooks, curated news, and research about digital media.

Classroom Management Tools

      1. Kahoot: Kahoot creates online learning games in minutes. They begin with a series of multiple choice questions. You can then add videos, images and diagrams to your questions to amplify engagement.
      2. StudyBlue: StudyBlue is a crowdsourced learning platform. It provides intelligent learning tools including flashcards, notes, study guides and more.
      3. Educreations: Educreations employs creative tools that enable students and teachers to share ideas, collaborate, and learn new things. It's great for blended learning or flipped lessons.
      4. Quizlet: Quizlet is a free website of "study set" tools for students. It includes flashcards, and study and game modes. Right now, there are over 40 million user-created study sets on Quizlet and counting.
      5. panOpen: panOpen is a platform that enables mainstream institutional adoption of Open Educational Resources as an alternative to commercial textbooks.
      6. TesTeach: This is a digital lesson-building space. It's perfect for PBL, flipped learning, and differentiated instruction.
      7. Draggo: Draggo is a drag-and drop resource organization and bookmarking tool. It lets you store sites, categorize them, and share with others including students.
      8. Wizer.Me is a free tool for teachers to create their own interactive learning worksheets for any subject.
      9. This is a web-based personal start page with an integrated bookmarks manager. It features a library of thousands of widgets that help you connect to popular services and custom data sources.