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5 Creative Digital Tools That Bring Visuals and Writing Together

Use these tools for your next digital storytelling activity!

Digital storytelling in the classroom requires creative digital tools that truly stand out. There's lots to choose from out there. Some tools, however, have a great visual focus. They put art and imagery first. The five below are some of the most popular ones out there. Let your students design something visually enticing for their next writing project.


No article on creative digital tools would be complete without profiling Storybird. Simply put, this is one of the most beautiful digital storytelling apps on the Web. Storybird curates original artwork from a global community of artists. It's free to use in creating stunning visual stories.

There's also Storybird for education. It's used in over 400,000 classrooms worldwide. It's free for teachers and students. Projects can include picture books and poetry compilations. For more advanced writing projects, Storybird facilitates long-form chapter books as well. Fundraising programs are also available, which you can check out here.


Pixton is all about making click-and-drag comic building easy as can be. Features include fully-posable characters, props, speech bubbles, and other comic hallmarks you can control with an intuitive interface.


Have you heard of Recite? It's a great way to inspire with shareable quote images you make yourself. It's a simple and fun tool that's as easy as pasting in your quote and picking a template.

Once your quote is generated, you've got tons of options. Download it as a PNG file to your desktop. You can publish it directly to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, or StumbleUpon. It also comes with an embed link, or you can email it right from the site.


StoryboardThat is a free tool for creating cool comics and storyboards. Choose from about a dozen different settings including home, school, country, historical, and many more. You can then add customizable characters, text, and symbols.

For a free online tool, StoryboardThat has an amazing number of features. This could have applications across many different grades and subject levels.


Stellar is an app that lets you create digital stories using photos, video, and text. Pick a sign template to work with, or use a blank one. The books are created right on a smartphone. You can then publish them to the Stellar website.


Stellar stories are shareable on social media and on blogs and websites. It's also a creative community that lets you comment and favourite other Stellar books.

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