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4 Amazing Infographic Tools for Producing Visual Learning

Having the right tools guides learners through the process as they learn layout and visual design.

We are all visual learners. If you want to share vital data or entertain people in a visually appealing and creatively imagined way, infographics are the way to go. With the amazing infographic tools we have available online today, creating them is easier than ever.

Learning Styles Online has this to say about visual learning:

"If you use the visual style, you prefer using images, pictures, colors, and maps to organize information and communicate with others. You can easily visualize objects, plans, and outcomes in your mind's eye. You also have a good spatial sense ..."

This is what developing infographics takes to make them engaging and effective, and having the right tools guides learners through the process as they learn layout and visual design for how best to share content. Like we said, there are plenty of amazing infographic tools out there to get you started.

The ones we've got for you below all let your learners do some powerful stuff, even in their free baseline versions. Explore what they can do and let your learners give them a test drive for some personal or class projects that involve infographics.

4 Amazing Infographic Tools to Explore

Venngage—Venngage lets you choose from more than 100 infographic templates for creating your infographics. Once you've got your template picked, you can add elements and customize to your heart's content. You can also design reports, posters, ads, and social media graphics.

Canva—You can create so much with Canva, including infographics. They use a standard 800px by 2000px format and offer tons of different templates. In addition, you can also choose hundreds of different elements and photos to add for free.

Visme—Visme has, in addition to a remarkable range of templates, a tremendous level of options for customizing them. It lets you add shapes, images, icons, videos, charts, graphs, audio, and even 3rd party content. Visme also does reports, presentations, web content, wireframes, and more.

Piktochart—Piktochart updates their template database constantly so that you never run out of options. It lets you create great infographics, presentations, and printables with lots of add-ons and custom options. Then you can share them with a link, through social media, or by using their slideshow-based presentation mode.

Other Amazing Infographic Tools