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The 30 Best Digital Storytelling Resources for Imaginative Writing Projects

Tell great stories with these awesome resources.

Everybody loves stories, either hearing them or telling them. Using digital storytelling resources in your classroom connects students to an age-old practice in a modern way. Today, we have powerful and engaging digital storytelling apps to choose from.

No matter if they are Web-based or mobile apps, there is a tool for every talented story smith in your class.

It seems like digital storytelling apps just keep getting better and better. The following list features 30 of the best from all over the Web. Learners can use them with powerful visual storytelling techniques to achieve masterworks of digital story creation.

30 Best Digital Storytelling Resources

  1. Story Dice - ideas for writers
  2. Kid in Story Book Maker
  3. Tell About This
  4. Pictello
  5. Little Bird Tales
  6. ChatterPix Kids
  7. StoryKit
  8. Story Creator
  9. Little Story Maker
  10. Shadow Puppet Edu
  11. My Story Book Creator School Edition
  12. Tellagami
  13. Imagistory - Creative Storytelling App for Kids
  14. Puppet Pals HD
  15. Book Creator
  16. ThingLink
  17. Pixton
  18. GoAnimate
  19. StoryBird
  20. Comic Strip
  21. Explain Everything
  22. Powtoon
  23. MySimpleShow
  24. Bubblr
  25. Piclits
  26. Adobe Spark Page
  27. Sock Puppets
  28. 30 Hands Starter
  29. ZimmerTwins
  30. Story Jumper