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24 Super-Cool Education Apps That Young Learners Will Love

List of the coolest and most appealing education apps out there.

Kids and technology can be a good combination. It’s not all wasted time in the vast hole of the Internet. This is especially true if they are utilizing education apps when they are on devices such as an iPad, smartphone, or other tablet devices.

But what are some of the coolest and most appealing education apps out there? Which ones are going to give younger learners an enjoyable educational play period? Glad you asked.

24 Education Apps for Young Learners to Explore

Here are 24 terrific education apps to get young learners engaged and excited. Read reviews before you purchase one, and keep in mind some are offered for free. Once you're sure you like what you see, try it yourself before you hand it off to your young ones. Chances are you'll have just as much fun learning as they will.

Balloony Word Pro

Balloony Word Pro is a family-friendly fun educational game for helping kids practice and broaden their vocabulary skills. Discover Dolch sight words, animal and fruit names, grade-appropriate words and science terms, and more.

Device:  iPhone/IPad

Chemist Virtual Chem Lab

This is a portable chemistry lab. It’s the only virtual chemistry lab for tablets to conduct chemistry experiments, explore chemistry reactions with different lab tools. It’s a fully-stocked virtual chemistry lab where learners can experiment with equipment, procedures, and chemicals mess-free.

Device: iPhone/iPad | Android

Eli Explorer

Eli Explorer is an exciting language learning app that helps with pronunciation. This app helps kids learn their first words in a safe, interactive world with no levels or rules. Kids can learn phrases, meanings, and pronunciations in 10 different languages.

Device: iPhone/iPad

King of Math Junior

King of Math Junior is a mathematics game set in a medieval environment. Climb the ladder of society, and rule by answering math questions and solving puzzles.

Device: iPhone/iPad | Android

National Geographic: Geodash

Join GeoDash the Robot in exploring Earth’s habitats. Get awesome animal abilities and collect animal cards with pics, cool facts, jokes, and weird-but-fun-trivia along the way.

Device: iPhone/iPad


VideoScience features short videos that demonstrate inexpensive easy-to-recreate experiments designed to inspire and excite budding young scientists of all ages. It has a continually growing library of cool videos that make great impromptu lessons.

Device: iPhone/iPad


See.Touch.Learn is visual instruction for autism and special needs. Access 50 individual libraries with thousands of exercises developed by professionals.

Device: iPad

Alphabet Projector

Alphabet Projector is an educational sight words app for learning the alphabet, developed for the iPad to utilize its projection capabilities.

Device: iPhone/iPad
Abc Magic Phonics

ABC Magic Phonics helps kids learn the alphabet through sound. A phonetic photo image is matched with each letter to help them learn the sounds.

Device: iPhone/iPad

Solve the Outbreak

In Solve the Outbreak, your mission as a "disease detective" is to collect clues and analyze data to solve a deadly virus outbreak and save lives.

Device: iPad | Android

Lark by Storybird

Lark by StoryBird brings StoryBird's creative power and beauty to your smartphone or tablet. Use Lark to make and share beautiful art-inspired poetry and stories.

Device: iPhone/iPad

Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy lets you create anything by mixing simple elements. Start with four basic items and use them to discover more and more as you build on them.

Device: iPhone/iPad | Android

Sight Words: Kids Learn

Sight Words: Kids Learn combines easy-to-follow activities with hands-on and audio features to jumpstart the process or learning how to read.

Device: iPhone/iPad

Learning Colors for Kids

Learning Colors for Kids is a simple and exciting learning game for introducing young children to the amazing world of colors.

Device: Android

Disney Junior Play

Disney Junior Play features loads of exciting games, puzzles, singalong videos, sticker book scenes, and more—all featuring kids' favorite Disney characters.

Device: iPhone/iPad | Android

Peppa’s Paintbox

Peppa's Paintbox is a drawing application designed especially for Peppa fans. It uses traditional drawing tools plus some surprises that kids will love.

Device: iPhone/iPad | Android

Baby Zoo Piano

Baby Zoo Piano teaches the whole octave of notes to children, using piano music accompanied by the sounds of various animals.

Device: Android

Kids Finger Painting Art Game

The Kids Finger Painting app exercises fine motor skills while allowing children to be creative, and develops hand-eye coordination at the same time.

Device: Android

Lego Duplo Train

Driving the colorful Lego Duplo Train your child can load wagons, build bridges, stop at crossings and refuel, and lay new tracks around pesky rocks.

Device: iPhone/iPad | Android

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is a free game that pits friend against friend in different categories to determine who has the most trivia knowledge. It's great for all ages.

Device: iPhone/iPad | Android

Math Vs.The Undead: Math Workout

Math vs.The Undead: Math Workout is a fun experience for kids that combines zombie games and educational games in one super-cool math game.

Device: iPhone/iPad | Android

Nail Doctor

Nail Doctor is an educational game using an interactive, first-hand virtual experience for learning the complex or unfamiliar concepts of surgery.

Device: iPhone/iPad | Android

Tree House Learning Games

The games on Tree House Learning Games are designed with plenty of imagination. There are games for learning about shapes, colors, and polarities as well as a shadow game.

Device: Android

Loose Strands

In Loose Strands, kids explore a mystery in a barbershop through this interactive adventure novel. This is a critical thinking game where every choice has an outcome and consequence.

Device: iPhone/iPad | Android