6 Terrific Sites for Sourcing STEAM Learning Activities

Get some inspiration here for your next STEAM activities.

What are some of the best STEAM learning activities out there? There are so many ideas to discover, but the 6 resources below are veritable goldmines. Each activity brings the appeal of the arts into STEM in fun and exciting ways learners will love.

Creativity is the currency of the 21st Century, which means creative individuals and nations are poised to prosper. As we've said before, the arts are no longer ornamental—they are fundamental. As we apply creativity to learning more and more, we give our learners increasing chances to express themselves and achieve powerful authentic learning.


6 sources for STEAM learning activities

This quick list of learning activities for STEAM will give you literally hundreds of ideas to explore. Feel free to share STEAM resources of your own in the comments below.

Lemon Lime Adventures: The author of this blog, Danya, explains that she started Lemon Lime Adventures as "a place to document life for myself, sort of a creative outlet. My hopes have evolved into developing a place where readers can find ideas, resources, and reassurance." This link features over 50 fun STEAM learning activities to try.

Edutopia STEAM Resources: Edutopia always does it right, and this link is no exception. Follow it to explore information and tools for bringing the arts and humanities into STEM-based activities.

Left Brain, Craft Brain: This is another independent blogger named Anne, an ex-engineer who writes about "crafty ways to encourage brain power in our kids." Not surprisingly, STEM and STEAM are her favourite subject areas. Try out this list of more than 30 activities from creative bloggers all over the Web.

Babble Dabble Do: This blog is about being at our creative best in a tech-saturated world. A fun list of creative STEAM learning activities for younger students resides here.

We Are Teachers: We Are Teachers brings practical classroom ideas, freebies, and teacher-to-teacher advice and humor to educators everywhere. This link on their site offers 10 cool projects from School Specialty that take learning from STEM to STEAM.

Education Closet: Founded by Susan Riley, Education Closet is a digital learning hub for arts integration and STEAM. There are plenty of STEAM resources here for any classroom.

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