6 Creative Social Studies Projects for Meaningful Learning

Have fun while firing up your learners' imaginations.

Social studies is one of the most fascinating subjects that students will learn in school. Since it's the study of how human society works, it’s easy to get kids hyped to learn about different cultures and areas of the entire world. That's why having some creative

Social Studies projects are key to getting them actively involved in the learning process.

Luckily there are so many fantastic projects for social studies teachers to use that you’ll never be at a loss for something to get the students excited about. Here are six great creative Social Studies projects for teachers to try.

1. Draw a Cartouche: Kids usually love to study Egyptian times. What a fun, and interesting time in our world's history. This is a way to get them into a fun craft project by having them draw their own Egyptian Cartouche, which is hieroglyphics or their ancient written language. The Cartouche was an oval enclosure that acted as a type of name tag for pharaohs and queens. Kids can get really creative with coming up with ones that represent themselves.

2. Create Mythical Mad Libs: This is a hilarious project that kids will love to do that will teach them grammar skills as well. You want the theme to be Roman and Greek mythology, so the mad lib tales will be about those famous gods and goddesses. You can go in all sorts of directions with this one, but the main idea is to get the historical concepts of these all-powerful deities.

3. Create an Ad For The Seven Wonders of The World: This teaches the Seven Wonders of the World in a way that’s modern and fun. Have each student create an ad or video commercial for each place. Getting them involved in learning all about each location is the bonus. This can be art driven or spoken in front of the class like they are pitching a concept for an ad agency.

4. Food Projects: Older civilizations ate a variety of interesting foods. Find some recipes that are actually doable to make today, and have the students attempt them. Even some simple bread recipes can illustrate what the basic diet was of people in other cultures and times. Plus, everyone loves to eat and getting to try different foods is fun in a classroom setting.

Try the recipes at some of these interesting sites for some food-oriented creative Social Studies projects:

5. Make a Treasure Map of Ancient Civilizations:
 A fun art project that lets students learn some geography of ancient civilizations. You can let them get creative, but make sure the treasures they are looking for have something to do with ancient times. Some good cities to use are Babylon, Athens, or even Rome.

6. Learning Civic Responsibility: A good way to teach this concept is by having students come up with a cause that is important to them, and have them write the President of The United States or their local Senators. The art of letter writing is important to know even in this age of modern texting, emailing and instant communication. There is still nothing like an actual letter especially when it is addressing social problems or issues.