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10 Free (and Awesome) Online School Administrator Resources

There are some websites out there that can help with advice and free school administrator resources.

School Administrators do not have the easiest job in the world. It takes time, dedication, drive, and a whole lot of heart to properly run a school system with all the many factors that need to be juggled everyday. Some of those people in these types of jobs include the Superintendent, the Principal, Vice Principals, and others that handle subject matters including test taking and college advice. These are highly important positions that require a fierce love of the job to handle all the many challenges that sometimes working with young people can bring.

The daily frustrations and other obstacles to running an effective school system can make administrators throw up their hands in despair. Luckily, there are some websites out there that can help with advice and free school administrator resources.

10 School Administrator Resources You'll Love

Education Week

This is an online news source for school administrators that is updated daily with helpful articles and tips.

National School Board Association

Their national website gives helpful tips and news about schools in general for grades K-12. A great site to connect with others to bounce ideas off of.

School Law

This website is specifically for school leaders. It can help with complex legal matters that administrators sometimes face. Getting the law involved when students break it can be traumatizing for everyone involved. This site can give some guidance navigating these troubled waters.

Behavioural Problem with Students

Details and tips for dealing with problems kids have, whether it's ADHD or other behavior issues that come up.

U.S. Department of Education

There is a special section for principals here that will help in all areas of their job.

Technology Standards For Schools

This helps explain how our rapidly changing technology can be best utilized in schools. Great articles here that can make technology simpler for use in the classroom.

American Association of School Administrators

Lots of helpful articles here that are geared towards making schools better from the inside out.

National Association of Secondary and Elementary School Principals

Two separate websites that really provide a community for administrators. It's divided into two different websites because the problems that elementary and secondary schools face are really very different.

Friendship Through Education

A website that gives ideas on how to connect students to each other for global learning. Many exciting project ideas pop up here.


Help with policy ideas and development. This is the nitty gritty of an administrators job. Get help with all policy development here.