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The Bloom's Taxonomy Periodic Table of Activities for Inspired Learning

Enjoy this Bloom's Taxonomy Periodic Table of Activities. 

Many of our readers have enjoyed the Bloom's Taxonomy resources we've shared in the past, with the Bloom's Taxonomy Verbs Poster heading up the list. Now we've got another one we think you'll enjoy—check out the Bloom's Taxonomy Periodic Table from us here at Wabisabi Learning.

It features 6 different groups of "elements" that reveal fun and challenging activities corresponding to some of those Bloom's Taxonomy verbs. Use it for enhancing lessons at every level of Bloom's Taxonomy, or combine some of the activities for even more inspired learning. These can be used both as learning and as quick assessment-on-the-go activities to suit your needs.

How Your Bloom's Taxonomy Periodic Table Works

This resource is a PDF with a simple interactive twist. Once you download it, you then simply hover your cursor over each "element" to see the suggested activity pop up. Each box presents a suggestion for an activity that you can either use as is or create your own variation of. We have also included the suggested activity lists for each stage of Bloom's Taxonomy.

Use your new free Bloom’s Taxonomy Periodic Table for:

  • Understanding Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy
  • Developing skills at each taxonomy level
  • Exploring useful Bloom's activities with your learners
  • Performing quick formative assessments
  • Effective lesson enhancements
  • Expanding your Bloom’s vocabulary

This Bloom's Taxonomy Periodic Table of activities is meant to bring learning excitement to any classroom. Share it with anyone that you feel may benefit from having it around for quick learning and assessment ideas.

Now that's what we call chemistry.

Bloom's Taxonomy Periodic TableBloom's Taxonomy Periodic Table Digital Download Wabisabi Learning

Bloom's Taxonomy Periodic Table
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The Bloom's Taxonomy Periodic Table features 6 different groups of "elements" that reveal the fun and challenging activities corresponding to... read more