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A Creative 3D Bloom's Taxonomy Model for Every Educator

It's got a few things you may not have seen before.

Useful Bloom's Taxonomy resources are all over the Web. Any teacher has their pick of terrific Bloom's tools. However, we recently came across a 3D Bloom's model courtesy of TeachThought that we hadn't seen before, so we wanted to share it with you here. It's definitely worth a look.

It was created by Rex Heer, an artist and a former program coordinator at Iowa State University. What's new about this 3D Bloom's Taxonomy model? It adds illustrations of two key areas, namely Cognitive Process and Knowledge Dimensions.

The goal was to put these processes more out front than they have been in earlier models.

A deeper explanation of it can be found along with other resources at this page on the Iowa State U website.

"Among other modifications, Anderson and Krathwohl’s (2001) revision of the original Bloom’s taxonomy (Bloom & Krathwohl, 1956) redefines the cognitive domain as the intersection of the Cognitive Process Dimension and the Knowledge Dimension. This document offers a three-dimensional representation of the revised taxonomy of the cognitive domain. Although the Cognitive Process and Knowledge dimensions are represented as hierarchical steps, the distinctions between categories are not always clear-cut."

Enjoy Rex Heer's useful 3D Bloom's Taxonomy model from the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at Iowa State University.

Image from TeachThought

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