Inquiry Learning

How to Begin Exploring the Foundations of Inquiry-Based Learning

Inquiry is the very foundation of what learning is all about.

Inquiry is the very foundation of what learning is all about. It begins with inspiring curiosity, and culminates in the creation and communication of deep learning.

Perhaps you are a teacher who is just beginning to immerse yourself in inquiry-based learning practices, but want to know more. What is it exactly? Why is it such a powerful method of instruction? How do we teach it to our learners? How can we measure its effectiveness in our teaching?

Here at Wabisabi Learning, we love inquiry-based learning. So to help you understand and build the skills to truly harness the power of inquiry, we developed a workshop that answers all the above questions and many more. We call it Foundations of Inquiry-Based Learning.

The Foundations of Inquiry for Your Whole School in One Amazing Day

This full-day workshop deeply engages all participants in an exploration of the fundamental elements of inquiry. We guide you through the journey from questioning right to creating your own authentic learner-centered inquiry that you can connect to clear curricular outcomes.

IBL-workshop-1Using the Wabisabi Inquiry Cycle, you will work alongside teaching teams in an exciting and supportive environment to develop your capacity as a facilitator of authentic learner-centered inquiry that provides truly transformative learning experiences for your students.

In this unique and collaborative one-day workshop, together we will:

  • Explore Global Concepts to identify potential lines of inquiry
  • Map achievement standards to establish clear learning intentions
  • Discover how listening to student voice becomes the most powerful diagnostic assessment
  • Develop essential and herding questions to drive learning
  • Discover how to personalize learning by connecting your curricular outcomes to a learner's strengths and interests
  • Explore how to create exciting challenges for your learners and transform your practice

IBL-workshop-2Frequently Asked Questions About Foundations of Inquiry

Where Does This Workshop Happen?

Anywhere you like! We can come directly to your school, and we are also looking at setting up regional events as well. Contact us for further details.

How Many School Staff Can Attend the Workshop?

We are able to accommodate up to 120 participants per session.

Do You Offer Referral Programs for Sister Schools/Affiliated Learning Centers/Review Centers?

Yes we do! Contact us to learn more.

What Is the Agenda for the Day?

Please request our detailed information package which outlines the content, outcomes and professional learning standards addressed. And you'll receive a bonus ebook featuring 10 scenarios you can use with your students!

What Happens Next After the Workshop?

After the workshop is over, the learning doesn’t stop. We are committed to maintaining a connection to support you, your staff, and your school in the journey forward.

What Other Learning Opportunities Can Wabisabi Learning Help Me With?

Wabisabi is dedicated to transforming the professional practice of educators all over the world through our apps, resources, professional learning, consultancy, and foundation. Contact us to talk about how we can help.