Inquiry Learning

How to Begin Exploring the Foundations of Inquiry-Based Learning

Inquiry is the foundation of learning, and you can now master it with this unique and refreshing online experience.

Inquiry is the very foundation of what learning is all about. It begins with inspiring curiosity and culminates in the creation and communication of deep learning.

Perhaps you are a teacher who is just beginning to immerse yourself in inquiry-based learning practices but want to know more. What is it exactly? Why is it such a powerful method of instruction? How do we teach it to our learners? How can we measure its effectiveness in our teaching?

Here at Wabisabi Learning Community, we love inquiry-based learning. So to help you understand and build the skills to truly harness the power of inquiry, we developed a masterclass that answers all the above questions and many more. We call it Foundations of Inquiry-Based Learning.

The Foundations of Inquiry for Your Whole School

This six-week masterclass deeply engages all participants in an exploration of the fundamental elements of inquiry. We guide you through the journey from questioning right to creating your own authentic learner-centred inquiry that you can connect to clear curricular outcomes.

Using the Wabisabi Inquiry Cycle, we'll work alongside each other in an exciting and supportive environment to develop your capacity as a facilitator of authentic learner-centered inquiry that provides truly transformative learning experiences for your students.

How Does This Masterclass Work?

When you join the Foundations of Inquiry-Based Learning Masterclass, you join an online community of like-minded educators that are all part of the Wabisabi Learning Community. Through video chats and sessions, and prescribed deep-dive exercises for practical application of skills, you'll be supported by us and every member of the community all the way.

What to Expect Each Week

Our Deep Dive features a Tuesday Live Content Session (10-11 am Australian Eastern Standard Time), Thursday Office Hours (4-5 pm AEST), and weekly challenges. If you can't make all of the sessions, they will be recorded and shared inside the masterclass community feed. Class sessions will be made available to watch on video and also as audio files via Soundcloud.

In addition to the weekly sessions and concepts, members will get access to templates, guides, scripts, and worksheets to help them through the process of designing their own unit plans.

With the Foundations of Inquiry-Based Learning Masterclass you will:

  • Explore Global Concepts to identify potential lines of inquiry
  • Map achievement standards to establish clear learning intentions
  • Discover how listening to student voice becomes the most powerful diagnostic assessment
  • Develop essential and herding questions to drive learning
  • Discover how to personalize learning by connecting your curricular outcomes to a learner's strengths and interests
  • Explore how to create exciting challenges for your learners and transform your practice

Each week, you can look forward to check-ins and more opportunities to meet and learn from each other. You can view the contents for this masterclass here.

How to Join This Masterclass

We welcome all educators around the world of every subject and grade level to join us for the Foundations of Inquiry-Based Learning Masterclass. Visit the link for information on content, schedules, how to get started, and much more.