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The Ultimate Problem-Solving Guide for Every Teacher

A must for your toolbox!

Our learners are rapidly moving from our classrooms into the workforce of today and tomorrow, and we do our best every day as teachers to prepare them well for the challenges ahead. There are many kinds of skills our students need for success in a rapidly-changing world, but any educator will tell you that the ability to solve problems leads the list every time.

But how can teachers make sure they are not only successfully developing such capabilities in their students, but also 

making them fluent and unconscious within them,

as though they were born problem-solvers? Is there an ultimate resource that can show them how?

You bet there is—we call it the Solution Fluency Companion. Years in the making, it's your best resource for teaching problem-solving capacity the right way, and you can get it now from Wabisabi Learning. 

A Complete Guided Tour of Solution Fluency

The Solution Fluency Companion is the premium guide to mastering Solution Fluency, from understanding to assessment and beyond. The Solution Fluency Companion is packed with tips and tools designed to help you utilize, communicate, and facilitate the 6 Ds of Solution Fluency in your classroom environments within the context of the required curriculum.

This teacher's companion guide includes great tools such as:

  • A Solution Fluency Skills Perspective
  • A Fluency Snapshot and Lesson Checker tool
  • A Solution Fluency "Field Guide" teaching framework
  • 6 exciting project-based learning scenarios
  • Full rubrics for assessing Solution Fluency
  • Resources for understanding and instruction

Discover the Solution Fluency Companion now, exclusively from Wabisabi Learning. It's the solution to your problems.

The Solution Fluency Companion Book Wabisabi LearningThe Solution Fluency Companion Book Wabisabi Learning

The Solution Fluency Companion
$ 19.95

This is the ultimate guide to problem-solving with Solution Fluency, from understanding to assessment and beyond. It's packed... read more