Future Fluencies

This Video Will Make You Change Your Vision to Future-Focused Learning

In Beyond STEM to Future-Focused Learning you’ll discover how to transform learning and improve outcomes in an engaging and dynamic classroom environment.

There’s no better gateway to future-focused learning than STEM education. In a word, STEM is fantastic.

It has the power to really transform teaching, learning, and assessment in schools by cultivating exceptional problem-solving and creative thinking skills.

When STEM learning is done well, learners strive together to solve real-world problems and develop resilience, along with the capacity to change everything. So you want to make sure you do it right, and we've got just the thing to show you how.

This is a video of the keynote Beyond STEM to Future-Focused Learning: 10 Shifts of Practice featured on the Global Digital Citizen Foundation's YouTube channel. It was recorded at the Western Australia STEM Innovation Expo. In Beyond STEM to Future-Focused Learning, author and GDCF president Lee Watanabe-Crockett presents the elements of building a robust STEM program.

If you had any doubts about the possibility of future-focused learning working in your school, this will replace them with excitement and curiosity about what's really possible for your learners.

Through this keynote you’ll discover how to transform learning and improve outcomes in a highly engaging, relevant, and dynamic classroom environment. You'll also discover surprising things about how much today's learners think about the problems in the world that truly matter, and how we can work toward giving them the necessary skills to tackle them head on.

It's time for you to discover the future-focused learning possibilities for your own learners. After all, your goals for yourself, your learners, and your school are unique and special. We'd like to help you reach those goals with the help of presentations and workshops like the one above.