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What Are "Curiosity Projects" and What Can They Teach Us?

Inspire yourself with curiosity projects.

You may be wondering, what are "curiosity projects?"

We were wondering the same thing when a remarkable young grade 3 student named Rody shared the video below with us.

Sometimes you don't realize the impact you make on someone until you hear it from them firsthand.

It turns out that Rody's teacher introduced his class to the 6Ds of Solution Fluency. He immediately set about making a connection between them and the PBL potential of curiosity projects.

The video he made helped us learn from Rody about the curiosity projects happening at Chapel School in Sao Paulo. We invite you to check out his highly creative YouTube channel for more videos.

Rody told us a bit about curiosity projects in a message he sent:

"My 3rd grade teacher last year taught me how to use the 6Ds and I connected it to the Curiosity Project; that's our new kind of homework at Chapel which is projects based on whatever we are curious about. I want to share with you the video I made because I was inspired by you."

We're also inspired by Rody, and you'll be as well after watching his Powtoon video on curiosity projects. Enjoy, share, and spread the love of learning.