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7 of the Most Useful Videos You'll Find for Teaching Media Fluency

Discover a healthy balance between being connected and being unconnected.

There's no denying the influence of digital media in our daily lives. That means teaching Media Fluency is an integral part of classroom practice. Media Fluency is one of the Future Fluencies and it's important to understand what it's all about. We define it as having the ability to unconsciously interpret the messages in media of all sorts. It includes the ability to communicate and express ourselves in multiple multimedia formats.

Media consumption is everywhere, and it's got us plugged in pretty much constantly.

Our passions are shared with it, our opinions are shaped with it, and our emotions are fed by it. Sometimes we control it, and sometimes it kind of controls us.

Nevertheless, we as digital citizens should take steps to educate ourselves on the media's power and influence.

Additionally, it benefits us to discover a healthy balance between being connected and being unconnected. For example, which areas of media consumption per day are highest for you, your family, and your students?

To help you with teaching Media Fluency, there are some videos below that demonstrate how it works in our lives today. These are terrific tools to use with your own students. Also, check out resources like the Media Fluency QuickStart Guide and also the shareable Fluency Posters. They will assist you and your learners even further as companion tools.

GDCF: Media Fluency Video

When teaching Media Fluency, begin with our own quick video explaining the breakdown. Essentially, how we communicate is evolving intellectually, emotionally, and technologically. How can we apply critical thinking to the messages in media and use what we learn to create effective messages of our own? Discover the 2 main stages—Listening and Leveraging—and what they mean in properly analyzing media of every description.


Media Smarts: Media Are Constructions

This is a sample of a whole list of videos related to media understanding, courtesy of Media Smarts. Check out the whole series at the link—they're very well done.


Digital Media: New Learners of the 21st Century

The PBS video special Digital Media: New Learners of the 21st Century aired on PBS back in 2011. It's still just as relevant and insightful now as it was back then. This is the full version on YouTube.


5 Crazy Ways Social Media Is Changing Your Brain Right Now

Want to understand how using social media is literally changing our brains and our bodies? Check out this short but informative video from AsapSCIENCE.


Marketing 2020: The Future of Advertising

In Marketing 2020: The Future of Advertising, we discover astonishing things about Internet marketing and its inner workings. This is a glimpse of where using digital media in advertising is going.


Body Evolution: Model Before and After

When it comes to the world of print and online fashion magazines, there's more than meets the eye. What meets our eye is usually a whole lot of clever Photoshop work. Unfortunately, it masks what is actually the true beauty and perfection of the imperfect human form. Watch how they transform this model into a different person. It's an older video but the idea behind it remains noteworthy.

Using Critical Thinking to Find Trustworthy Websites

Common Sense Media and The Teaching Channel team up to talk about how critical thinking helps kids choose trustworthy websites. This is an important component in understanding online media. It's also a big part of Global Digital Citizenship.

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