Critical Thinking

15 Exciting Primary School Critical Thinking Activities

The best way to develop critical thinking skills is to start that them young.

There's no doubt about it, critical thinking tops the list of skills our learners need to succeed. Educators all over the globe agree this ability is paramount to a child's faculty for surviving and thriving during and beyond the formative school years.

Here's the best news of all:

Age is no barrier—young or old, there’s never a bad or wrong time to begin learning to think critically.

The best way to develop critical thinking skills in our young learners is to teach the process in ways that they’ll definitely enjoy. There must be plenty of opportunities for play and the use of their imaginations, as well as lots of open questions. You'll find all this and much more in our Critical Thinking Brain Boosters downloadable resource package for primary school grades.

The PDF worksheets in this bundle provide activities young kids can use to learn and reinforce critical thinking skill development in the classroom.

Brain Boosters Kids Will Really Enjoy

Aside from engaging word and visual recall games, you'll find pursuits that really press learners to think and grow critically. Using the Critical Thinking Brain Boosters, students will:

  • Engage in lively debates that help them form opinions and take stands
  • Learn to explore possibilities by providing their own accounts of events from visual cues
  • Boost their confidence and self-esteem with a personal profile activity
  • Build reasoning ability through Q+A and storytelling activities
  • Collaborate with others to build teamwork and problem-solving skills

The Critical Thinking Brain Boosters package features 15 fun and challenging critical thinking activities for primary students. Get it now, only from Wabisabi Learning.