Critical Thinking

The Critical Thinking Cheatsheet Multilingual Pack Is Here

Enjoy our best selling resource in different languages.

Critical thinking skills are life skills we use every day. It's one of the many reasons why we develop resources like our popular Critical Thinking Skills Cheatsheet. We're very happy to announce that, after much demand, we have finally been able to reproduce it for international audiences. The result is the Critical Thinking Cheatsheet Multilingual Pack.

Now we're thinking critically all over the world! The same resource offering questions that work to develop critical thinking on any given topic is now available in seven different languages:
  • Arabic —للتفكير النقدي
  • Chinese —批判性思维 的终极备忘单
  • Japanese —クリティカルシンキングの究極のヒントシート
  • French —Réflexion Critique
  • German —Kritisches Denken
  • Spanish —Pensamiento Crítico
  • Swedish —Kritiskt Tänkande


Thinking Critically and Globally

The Critical Thinking Skills Cheatsheet Multilingual Pack includes 8 different cheatsheets—the original and seven translations—that all have categories for Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How. Each section has eight questions meant to be versatile and broad, and applicable to a range of topics.

Voices Around the World

Here's what people are saying about these Critical Thinking Skills Cheatsheets:

"Critical thinking activities, theories, and support are the weakest areas I find among teachers in my staff development sessions in 11 countries. This cheatsheet makes it possible for them to see at a glance what they can do to support their own growth."

"I think your cheatsheet is perfect for some secondary and primary students that already have basic comprehension. My work (PhD & school-based research) in Australia is for ALL those many students who struggle with the basic comprehension, so yours complements mine and vice versa!"

"The quality of work and presentation—good aesthetic is always a gateway to exploration and delving deeper! Thank you!"

"Really useful—exactly what I needed to help students see some concrete examples of the types of questions they should be asking themselves and others when reading, doing seminars, etc."

"Perfect for what we were looking for to share with our students as we begin our next unit of work. Well presented, colourful, and clearly set out."

"This cheatsheet is an amazing educational tool I can use in my classroom to propel my students' critical thinking."

"It’s so easy to find and download. I was able to search for it, print it out and display it in my office at work within minutes. And most importantly, the content is great and very helpful. Thank you!"

It's Your Student's Time to Shine

Whenever your students discover or talk about new information, they can use these questions for sparking debate and sharing opinions and insights among each other. With these international critical thinking tools, we can all succeed at building our critical thinking skills in a collaborative and supportive atmosphere, no matter where we learn in the world.

Check out the Critical Thinking Skills Cheatsheet Multilingual Pack now from Wabisabi Learning.