How the Wabisabi App Makes Learning Actually Fun for Students

Like you, we believe learning should be exciting and enjoyable, and we’ve done our best to make it that way.

We know school is tough, and not always enjoyable. Between assignments, tests, extracurricular activities, and deadline after deadline, a learner’s work seems never done. That’s why we here at Wabisabi Learning engineered the Wabisabi app specifically with students in mind. Like you, we believe learning should be exciting and enjoyable, and we’ve done our best to make it that way.

We’re going to introduce some of the learner-centred features that define the Wabisabi app as the leader in immersive media-rich learning for students of all levels. With it you can:

  • Create personal media portfolios of your work
  • Work with images, video, compositions and more
  • Comment and share ideas
  • Work collaboratively on projects

Watch the video below.

Wabisabi App for Students: Mindful Media and More

Using Wabisabi involves building a basic portfolio as evidence of learning. These are the perfect creative platforms for getting consistent and useful formative feedback on all the projects you work on in school. Your portfolio entries are always connected to your classroom activity page, and you can get direct feedback and suggestions from both teachers and peers right inside the app.

From the Web app, you can add custom entries to your personal learning portfolios like:

  • A photo, video clip, or document: Click the article option (Photo, Video or File) you want to upload and select which file(s) you want to upload from the file picker window (it may take a few minutes to upload, depending on your file size).
  • A written composition: You can write a composition conveniently right inside the Wabisabi app itself. Click the “Composition” option and type in the box provided.
  • A link: Click the “Link” option, and then copy in the URL of the link you want to share (the link must start with http:// or https://).

In the iOS version of the Wabisabi app, you even have the option of creating original drawings as entries. The great thing about learning with Wabisabi is you can showcase your creative side for the best learning experiences possible. 

Collaborating and Sharing Ideas

We know that working with your friends makes learning so much more gratifying, so we’ve made it easy to add your classroom buddies to projects. Another part of the fun of Wabisabi is being able to post comments and feedback on your classmates' work as they post images, videos, docs, and other samples in their portfolios. Sharing your thoughts and ideas on entries is easy too. 

Explore the Possibilities for Free

Now that you have a taste of what’s in store for you, it’s time to get started with Wabisabi on your own. Get either the Web app version or our popular iOS app and begin your most exciting and rewarding classroom adventures ever. And here’s even better news—you can now get Wabisabi Premium for 1 full year, absolutely free. Check out the details below, and get ready for your best year ever.

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